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Engines of Our Ingenuity , written and hosted by engineering prof. John Lienhard, airs in Houston on KUHF-FM 88.7 M-F 7:35am and 3:55pm. The series is broadcasted by over 30 NPR affiliates nation-wide. The Toxics Use Reduction Institute (TURI) awarded four grants to UMass Lowell faculty to identify and test less hazardous substances. DOE’s Mark Johnson shares some success stories of smart manufacturing institutes and the critical role people play in that success. Watch his interview here.

Becoming a fragrance industry entrepreneur wasn’t even in the realm of possibility for Ashlee Firsten, BESc’06, when she arrived at Western. Water lovers who want to combine a workout with a fun game should check out the newest sport on campus: underwater hockey.

A group of psychology, math, engineering and education professors and students, working with fiber artists, are using textiles to teach STEM concepts with the hope of reducing math anxiety in news enginiring girls and young women and improving learning for all. Profs. Robert Forrant and Tzu-Yang Yu will be featured in a one-hour documentary about the 1860 Pemberton Mill collapse in Lawrence.

Alum Lisa Brothers, president and CEO, Nitsch Engineering, talks about the influences in her career how UMass Lowell played a key part in that. Visit our Trane Engineers Newsletter LIVE programs to view technical, in-depth 90-minute programs covering the topics listed below. Many are available on-demand, free of charge for continuing education credit.

Wow that Lindelof dude has certainly lead to the wearing out of a lot of keyboards !!! Laura Ingalls, first year doctoral student in the Green Chemistry Program, has won a three-year, $131,500 research fellowship grant from the National Science Foundation, under the program for promoting science in the community.

Western Engineering ranked second place in the 2012 Corporate Knights Magazine survey, claiming the spot for the second year in a row. Our flagship newsletter covers all the technologies engineers need for new product development across disciplines and industries.

Bioscientist attitudes towards the future of microfluidics-based 3D culture technology and the search for their ‘ideal’ model have been revealed by the Department of Engineering. Chemical Engineering Assoc. Prof. Sanjeev Manohar and his team have developed an inexpensive, easy-to-use sensor system that instantaneously detects endotoxins, compounds from bacteria that can cause septicemia and sepsis.

The university’s new Integrated Nuclear Security and Safeguards Laboratory brings together a multidisciplinary group of experts from across UMass Lowell colleges and departments. Students will bring concepts to life in a new space repurposed from the former North Campus bookstore.

Discovery Channel’s Time Warp spotlights Bat Lab’s assistant director in a six-minute segment. Robert Davis died in 1986. His widow, Joann, who later remarried, fell on hard times in 2011. Her son had become ill, requiring over 20 surgeries. Her youngest daughter died, and she found herself raising several grandchildren in her 70s.

College Professor. Of course, the higher your degree and higher up you are in the teaching ladder, the higher your salary. For instance, a dean in a medical school is expected to make over $350K! Job growth? Over 31%. A UMass Lowell engineering graduate is among those from Asia who have been chosen to receive this year’s prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award from the Philippines.

Hands – on activities and presentations from nine different engineering majors offered at the university. Approved hospital upgrades include a new inpatient/outpatient care tower, expansion and renovation of the treatment and support service department as well as expanded parking.

PM GROUP, an international project delivery company, has today been awarded Bronze Corporate Partner status by IChemE. But the Trailers are edited in a way its hard to figure what the hell is going on…. (i fear a lot of people are gonna complain about more stupid crew here than Prometheus).

World-renowned car racer Mario Andretti has recently endorsed the fund-raising efforts of UMass Lowell’s Formula SAE team. The optimal marketing solution for communicating with South Africa’s key real economy decision-makers requires a combination of print and online advertising with Engineering News.

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